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I am a Woodwind maker.

Now, I build baroque flute traverse, oboe or hautboy and early classical flute traverse and oboe or hautboy.
The site YANAGITA tokinori - woodwind maker is opened.

Explanation of design oboe reed

The good reed by yourself give you a better performance

It is difficult to design the cut of suitable reed by yourself in the instrument which own uses.
What kind of condition do sizes of each parts of a reed change by ?
If you want to do a better performance, You must get a good reed by yourself.

On this page,
I explain conditions to decide a theory about adjustment of a reed and sizes of each part on a reed.
The writer studied these using Rigoutat symphonie.

Design the reed

Do not obey the opinion of decision by majority, Judge it by yourself, and Design a reed

Length of a side
You design shorter length of a side, Extend them by a 1mm unit while confirming the following phenomenon.
If length of a side is shorter than appropriate length,the next phenomenon is caused.
  • Tones have very clear outline.
  • Control of a reed is difficult.
  • It is hard to react with air of low pressure.
  • Multiphonics of Low B, Bb are notpronounced.
  • Control of multiphonics of Low B, Bb is difficult.

About full length of the reed and width of tip, choice of a tube, Please ask makers.
Makers consider all of the design.

parts of scrape(lay) oboe my love for young oboist

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