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I am a Woodwind maker.

Now, I build baroque flute traverse, oboe or hautboy and early classical flute traverse and oboe or hautboy.
The site YANAGITA tokinori - woodwind maker is opened.

Explanation of adjustment reed & instrument

Think Simply

The adjustment is the most important thechnique to make reeds. I think that my thechnique is simple. Perhaps, Simple is best and Simple is true.

Step 1: Before adjust reed

Remove useless one

First, Only the material of the reed is steeped in a cup of water for 10-15 minutes.The opening of the reed is putted by finger little by little. You let slip your finger from the Back to the Tip. Attention cane breaking, please.

After that, you cover the bottom of the tube, and breath through the Tip.
If some air escapes from the side of the reed, You cut skin or seal-tape the size 1x3cm and wind the cane.
If some air escapes between the thread, You coat it by manicure.

Well, let's Play.

If the resistance of reed to air is hard, the reed is too much thick. You should scrape the part of Lay little by ltitle still the reed will sound.

If the resistance is too much light, the reed is too much thin. So, You may not use it.

When the reed sound, you set it in into your oboe and you play.

If you feel that the resistance is too light, you cut the part of 0.5mm from the tip. Always you should some surplus thickness of the reed.

sealed reed oboe my love for young oboist

Step 2:Each case

It is no use crying over spilt milk

In Case of sound hard
You have 3 parts to scrape.
  1. First is the Hart. If this is too thick, you play hard. A little scraping influence on the resistance very much.
  2. Second is the Side. If this is too thick, you play hard. This influence tone color. If this is thick, heavy & dark tone. If this is thin, light & bright tone.
  3. Third is the Ridge. If you want dark tone, you scrape to make it slender.

If you left surplus tip, when your reed sound enough, you should cut it. After that, you scrape again.

images of parts oboe my love for young oboist
In Case of high pitch
You lengthen the scrape.
In Case of low pitch
You cut the tip a very little. The total length of reeds is short.
In Case of the Opening is too narrow
You wind a wire made by brass to the reed doubly & lightly. The place is 5mm upper the thread.
In Case of the Opening is too wide
You scrape the Lay or the sides.
In Case of that you play the low tones hard
You scrape the part of the Ridge near the Back.
In Case of that you play the low tones hard
You scrape the part of the Ridge near the Lay.
In Case of that you start to play hard
  • If the Tip is 0.05 mm more thicker, you scrape the tip.
  • If the Tip is 0.06 mm more thiner, you scrape the lay.
  • *Loree & Marigaux oboe are suitable to thin tip ( about 0.5-0.8 mm ).
  • *Rigoutat oboe is suitable to thick tip ( about 0.8-1.0 mm ).

In case of intonations of middle C or low G are low pitch suddenly, When you play them In case of that the sound is weak, not clear. They are caused by the material of the cane. I don't use the reed.

Step 3:Adjustment the instrument to the reed

Each reed has each property. You should adjust your instrument

keys to adjust oboe my love for young oboist
  1. called the 3rd octave key is used following notes in the3rd register. You can adjust to play easily these notes with a screwdriver.
    high note to adjust oboe my love for young oboist
  2. is also adjusted with a screwdriver. If you want to play L.Berio's Sequenza VII, you should adjust it to be able to play some notes by timbre fingering and High Eb ( Eb in the 3rd register ) .

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