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I am a Woodwind maker.

Now, I build baroque flute traverse, oboe or hautboy and early classical flute traverse and oboe or hautboy.
The site YANAGITA tokinori - woodwind maker is opened.

Explanation of daily exercises short scale exercises

The playing oboe lets you be tired very much

For these years, I didn't have basic training.

I do not do a basic exercise basically. But many pieces were practiced by me.
The reason is because I have neglected an exercise of music by a cause of fatigue by a basic exercise.

A performance of an oboe needs stamina very much.
Therefore it is important to have knowledge and action ability about effective exercise.
I can say so without hesitation about performance technique.

If you want to play a melody like say something,
only by an effective exercise, you will not be able to do.
If you want it, you have to use a lot of time in playing music.
This is a very non-effective exercise.
I can say that this method is the best.

I think that two kinds of exercise methods are necessary for a performance.
One is a logical and effective exercise for progress of performance technique
the other is a non-effective exercise to put a heart in a performance.

In this page, I explain the effective exercise.

Step 1:when the first try

Let your fingers adjust to the movement

short scales F-Ab daily exercise oboe my love

On the tempo that is easy to play, Practice these carelessly.

Step 2:if you are used to playing these scales

If you was used fully, direct you strictly by yourself

short scalesA-C daily exercise oboe my love

On constant tempo, Practice it so that length of all sounds and a start of all sounds become uniform.
I suggest that I apply a method of example 1 of score.
Practice it by the tempo that 2 times are slow.

Step 3:Finally

Acquire experience on various tempos

short scales Db-E daily exercise oboe my love

Practice it on various tempos. Sometimes with dynamics.
By experience of a correct performance on various tempos, Your finger moves artistically.

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