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Explanation of circular breathing exercises 3

Resolve in minimum unit and solve some these problems in turn

Lesson 1 & 2 is an extra exercise to realize the long tone that does not break off by a circular breathing.
Some extra exercises are necessary for this high technique.

When you had a difficult problem,
You may change an impossible thing into a possible thing by setting up an extra exercise.

This is the technique that you can apply for the life.

For a difficult problem,
Deal by a theme divided into some of a minimum degree of difficulty.

This is a scientific approach.

Step 1:All processes of a Circular Breathing

Some process cycles in turn

If you do not know it about all processes of a circular breathing,
The exercises of lesson 1 & 2 may have been boring.

I explain a total process of a cycle of a circular breathing to a turn.

  1. While doing a long tone,
  2. You puff out cheeks gradually,
  3. Before stopping air from lungs in an area of a throat,
  4. You let cheeks wither away and continue the sound only with air in the oral cavity.
  5. At same time, you inhale air from a nose.
  6. Before finishing using air in the oral cavity, You mix air from lungs gradually.
  7. return in usual the way to play.

You will acquire the techniques by taking a break.

Step 2:The most famous extra exercise of the circular breathing

This exercises is magic with water

do circular breathing throufh a straw in a cup of water on this image

You pour a cop water, and please put a straw.

Throw up breath through a straw and save air on cheeks gradually,
and do a circular breathing.

If a bubble does not break off, you will do success in a hand.

If you spend a tip of a straw for an oval, Moderate resistance will help this exercise.

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