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Explanation of circular breathing exercises 2

Reform the general idea

If a beginner always gets incomplete result of an exercise, There is not a problem there.

While you inhale air from your nose, You cannot breath out from your mouth.

You should reform your general idea. and get new concept.

Step 1:save air in your cheeks

While doing it, always while doing it

Save air in cheeks gradually while doing a long tone of high E.
Go to the next step while continuing a long tone.

Oboe reed making about tools

Step 2:you change form in your oral cavity

Change road of air, while dorng it

You change form in your oral cavity to pronounce "ng", Stop air from lungs in the area of a throat.
While overlapping,

short scale for oboe playing

Step 3:You let cheeks wither away

Circular breathing is avant - gard thechnique for your body & concept

You let your cheeks wither away, Blow to a reed only with air saved in the oral cavity.
Continue a long tone with this approach.
While doing above actions, you inhale breath through your nose.

Step 4:Traditional approach

Space do not exist between your upper lip and teeth

by withering away your cheeks,water in your mouth will be spring.

There is an approach to train this.

You have water in your mouth till your cheeks swell out,
While keeping a form of a lip at whistling,

Let cheeks wither away.

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