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I am a Woodwind maker.

Now, I build baroque flute traverse, oboe or hautboy and early classical flute traverse and oboe or hautboy.
The site YANAGITA tokinori - woodwind maker is opened.


Oboe is difficult. that is true.

Oboe is the most difficult instrument. At once, it was difficult insrument for me.
But Now, I am happy to play.
If you want, this site will give you some hints and help you.
For example,

  • Daily exercises
  • Oboe reed making lessons
    explanation about nife sharpe & scrape lay(scrape).
  • Circular breathing
  • List of multiphonics.

Oboe reed making

How to make oboe reed

Generally, large inside diameter(Rigoutat oboe) is suited to reed with wide tip and long total length.
Short inside diameter(Loree oboe) is suited to reed with narrow tip and shot total length.

Oboe reed making about tools

Daily Exercises

Daily exercises is important but,

For these years, I didn't have basic training for playing.
But many pieces were practiced by me. The reason is .....

short scale exercise for oboe playing

Circular breathing for oboe & oboist

Circular breathing is avant - gard thechnique for your body & concept

This technique considering you to be used only with modern music is used in the concerto which Carlo Buzzoti which was an oboe player and a composer composed in 1700's already.
In addition, in a concerto of Vivaldi, the part where a performance is difficult exists without a circular breathing.

circular breathing 1 cheek training

Multiphonics for oboe

I use only multiphonics including interval of the temperament

By this list,
you can easily find multiphonics including interval of the temperament which you want.

List of multiphonics for oboe

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